hi, it's me--- kara warren.

i am a christ-follower, made photographer by the calling of God. i'm a people lover. i'm a coffee lover. i'm an adventure lover. a lover of the light.

i grew up in sweet home alabama, and i made the move to waco, texas when i was completing my undergraduate degree at baylor university. it was there where i began to unearth who the Lord created me to be as i experienced life on many different avenues-- as a student athlete on the Baylor Acrobatics and Tumbling team, camp summers at Pine Cove Silverado, and eventually the regular student life as chaplain of my sorority. believe it or not, my major was biochemistry and minor was biology-- and i had every intention of entering the medical field either as an MD or a PA. but the Lord had other plans for me in this season of life.

more than anything, my passion is for loving people, and while there are many capacities which this can be fulfilled, i have learned the call on my life to love and serve people is currently through photography, by listening to peoples' stories, encouraging others, and speaking truth and life into those i encounter.

i moved to nashville, tn in 2021, and that is when this little business was started- aug. 2021. i lived in nashville for 2.5 years, and so much happened in that time!! in the midst of my first year in nashville, i worked on staff at Cross Point Church, and it is from that place i started my non-profit, Behold The Work as a way of using what has been placed in my hands to also give back. my non-profit has since converted into a podcast after my move to waco, tx- and that is now the way i share peoples's stories.

as hinted at- i recently moved back to waco, tx in feb of 2024- a move i never expected for myself. for a purpose yet to be revealed, texas is the state i am currently in, but expectant of where God will take me- for no story is ever finished!!

it is crazy how our stories and lives can change so vastly, so quickly-- but i have found that is the beauty of a story: it points to something much larger than what we could do on our own or plan for. and that is why i love what i do. every story is a beautiful one, and it is an honor to capture the beauty of the season you are currently in because it was exactly the moment intended for you. yet i also know THE best moment of your life isn't even here yet- so live with expectance, rooted in love and resting in hope.

perhaps you, and i, were made for a moment like this.


kara warren